Alrun Hlaafin

CURELESS [+] is having a halloween sale on select items including some gachas! I picked up a few things in my blog post from it.

Detail Shot

❤ Hair ❤
.Olive. the Mia Hair

❤ Skin ❤
.tsg. Koko Applier for Catwa Catya - Drow

❤ Eyes ❤
CURELESS [+] Collyrium Eyes / Blood
CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Lens / Talisman  SALE

 ❤ Appliers ❤
CURELESS[+] Lilith's Night Out / Makeup Set SALE

❤ Mesh Body Parts ❤
 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Slink Avatar Enhancement  Claw Nails
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High

❤ Outfit ❤
{egosumaii} + Dark Harvesting Scythe +
 {aii} + Death Geta +
{aii} + Midori's Stone Implant Forest +
.aisling. Ignis
..aisling. Karishma Tear
.aisling. Morigan
.aisling. {ML-Satrina}
CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / RARE @ The Epiphany
CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Skeletal System / RARE @ The Epiphany
CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Gashadokuro / PURE
[Cubic Cherry] {Norse} bindi gold Group Gift
[CX] The Iron Maiden Panty - Gold
[Trap][Gauze] Djinn Ears

❤ Background Objects ❤
 -Garden- by anc "silence" spider lily {PASTEL/ Tathaga}
-Garden- by anc "wild garden"lawn {old orange}
CURELESS [+] Skeletal System / PURE (v.1)


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