Legends Never Die

Aii has really outdone herself with this Kitsune ears & tail. You can use this tail a single fox tail or be a nine-tailed fox and you can tint it to be any color you'd like, which is always a favorite of mine. The ears come in three sizes so you can use them with almost any size of avatar. The tips of the tail can be tinted a separate color and the ears come with markings that are also tint-able. You also get the UV's included in a note card so you can customize it completely.
❤ Featured Items ❤ 
{aii} + Nogitsune Ears +
{aii} + Nogitsune Tail (High Poly) +
{aii} + Nogitsune Blue Tail Flames +
 Available @ Kurenai on Dec 1st

❤ Hair ❤
Moon. Hair. // Solstice

❤ Skin ❤
[PF] Adeline <Porcelain>

 ❤ Appliers ❤
{aii} Many Names

❤ Mesh Body Parts ❤
 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[V-Tech] Boi Chest Mod v2.4 - Maitreya

❤ Outfit ❤
*katat0nik* (white gold) Okobo
{aii}  + Moon Princess Shawl White +
{aii} + Summer Night Shawl & Butterflies +
{aii} + Sealed Beads Gold +  *worn as bracelet
{aii} + Stardust Hair accessory +
{aii} + Summer Night Particle Aura +
{aii} + Tattered Blindfold WHITE +
{aii} + Maitreya Body Stardust + @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
 [V-Tech]Basic Thong 

 Poses used in this blog post are included when you buy the Nogitsune Ears & Tail from {aii}


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